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Packs 12% to 15% more material
Click here to check out how to save space using OPTIMA drums.

        Saves upto 50% of packing and shipping costs

Traditional  Drums OPTIMA Drums

Space is wasted when  drums are placed side by side(Marked in blue color) and   one over another. (Marked in red color)

Revolutionary design ensures no waste pd space when  placed side by side(Marked in green color) and  one over another. (Marked in yellow color)

Traditional Drum


Solid material is normally packed in the inner plastic liner inside a drum and the mouth of the liner is tied, occupying space on the top portion of a drum. (Marked in red colour)

This also results in more space available inside the drum thereby allowing material to be filled upto the brim and even then space is available for tied mouth of plactic liner. (Marked in green colour)

draw22g.gif (15902 bytes)

draw21g.gif (17197 bytes)

In case of accidental fall - upside down or horizontally, the impact is directly on the locking ring with a possibility of ring and lid giving way.

Inner diameter being equal to the overall diameter, height of OPTIMA drums will be less than that of traditional drum of same volume.

In traditional "stackable types drums" outer diameter (including lid & locking ring) is larger by 2 to 3 cms. compared to the inner diameter. This results in waste of space between the drums when placed side by side.

For this reason, in the event of a fall, there is no direct impact on the locking ring and chance of lid giving way is almost nil.



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